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Trees are an important part of any landscape; they protect your home from the elements, contribute to clean air, and even provide hours of childhood entertainment. In many cases, just the mere presence of certain timber on your property can actually increase the resale value of your home.

Removing dead, rotten, or otherwise damaged branches and trees is usually recommended in order to avoid injury or property damage. Instead of attempting a do-it-yourself tree removal, you should consider hiring experienced tree service professionals.

So, why exactly should you hire an arborist?

  • Safety
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    This is probably one of the main reasons why you should consider hiring a contractor rather than perform the necessary maintenance yourself. Tree care professionals undergo extensive safety training, which prepares them for the most dangerous situations. While doing their jobs, these specialists also use safety equipment, like harnesses and hard hats, which the average homeowner may not have access to.
  • Equipment
    Some tree cutting jobs require special equipment, like chainsaws and high ladders. True professionals carry all of the equipment needed to complete the job, and any equipment that they lack can easily be rented.
  • Insurance
    Any reputable tree service company has at least liability insurance. This type of insurance can be used to pay for any damage that may occur to your property during tree cutting or removal. By hiring certified arborists to perform these jobs, you are virtually eliminating the possibility of having to fork out money to repair damage to your property or neighboring properties.

Now that you’ve made a decision to hire a qualified contractor, your next step is to find one in your area.

There are several very simple ways to go about this. You could ask your friends and family members for references, for example, or you could simply open a phone book. Once you have a list of qualified arborists in Culpeper, you can then start contacting them. Before hiring one of these companies, however, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

  • Price
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    Most likely, price will be a huge deciding factor for you when you’re looking at all of the different tree service companies in your area. As you may already know, the contractor with the lowest price is not always your best bet. What you may not realize, however, is that the specialist with the highest price may not be the best either. Instead of relying on price alone, you should consider basing your decision on a few other factors as well.
  • Contract
    Before you allow any Culpeper professionals to work on your property, make sure you have a contract in writing. This contract should outline which services will be provided, such as tree trimming, tree removal, and stump grinding. It will also include a final price for the services.
  • References
    Reputable contractors will usually have no problem giving you a few references, especially if they have a good track record. Don’t always assume that just because a company gives you references they are reputable, however. Take some time to contact each reference and get their impressions of the company in question.

Hopefully by now, you’ve realized just how much work it can be to find a qualified and reputable tree care professional. You can save yourself a lot of time and headache by contacting us!

Genesis Tree Service is a Culpeper VA contractor providing professional arborist services and we’re always just a phone call away: (540) 218-1995

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